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365 Photography Project: Day 1

365 Poetry Project – Day 190

I feel like a backwards bird

always trapped with the desire

to seek the colder climate

when summer rolls around.

365 Poetry Project – Day 189

It still irks me

how she said “sup y’all”

and she was only

speaking to me.

365 Poetry Project – Day 188

So much imagination,

so little thought.

Let’s feed arts students

to arts students

and reduce the burden on us all.

365 Poetry Project – Day 187

Love it, or hate it,

We’re institutionalised.

But why join the world,

when there’s so many 

happy familiar faces

in the big house.

365 Poetry Project – Day 186

If only you were drinking again.

We could be talking of life, and dreams,

trading the jar

taking slugs of white lightning.

365 Poetry Project – Day 185

The voice starts singing

and immediately

she begins stabbing 

at the play button

with her finger.

A candid glimpse

at the soul

too precious to share with anyone.

365 Poetry Project – Day 184

A gentleman and a hustler
he spoke of courtesy
in colloquial language.

365 Poetry Project – Day 183

so much imagination
so little thought
let’s feed arts students
to arts students
and reduce the burden.

365 Poetry Project – Day 182

My mind,
forever lost on tangents.

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